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This is a site dedicated to the intelligent discussion of pressing issues mostly affecting Nigeria, but from time to time we may discuss events in other countries, perhaps in relation to Nigeria. Naturally, these discussions will be political, historical, and/or economic in nature. We know that political issues/discussions tend to be heated, especially among Nigerians, but we  expect contributors to make well-reasoned, intelligent contributions, while remaining cordial. Certainly comments and articles are welcome but, they will be reviewed before publishing.  So, please desist from broad-brush tribal/ethnic/religious derogatory remarks. Yes, you can name names, even qualify them with anger-infused adjectives, but present your views with cogent facts.  In other words, this is not the place for provocateurs.


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  1. it is very wrong and out of ignorance to say turuq sufiyya (sufi orders) like tijjaniyya and qadiriyya are innovative not known to islam during the time of prophet muhammad while wahhabism later founded by a zionist of najd is the sunna way. couldnt the writer remember a popular hadith of jibril who asked our noble prophet to tell him about ihsan and prophet replied:to worship allah (with sincerity and and commitment) as if you are looking at him. how do you attain ihsan?this is the concern of turuq sufiyya on question of purifying the hearts to travel to divine presence(hadara) in the same way fuqaha tackle sharia rulings on physical matters. thus both tasawwuf and fiqh have the same source. the former deals with internal and the latter deals with external. both are part of grand sharia. in fact tasawwuf is the practical spiritual life of our noble prophet muhammad for a muslim to emulate to convey him to divine presence known as haqiqa and maarifa. while practicing tariqa supplications satan will be runing from a devotee and allah will be inspiring guidance to him known as ilham not muujizat which are exclusive to prophets. some shuyukh could reach a stage where our noble prophet muhammad used to appear to them in a vision showing the way forward. it is a matter of personal experience by aulia. this is exactly what brought salatul fatih received from prophet muhammad in a vision. the question is dalatul ilham or ruuya not recognised sources of sharia? so the writer should be very careful not be trapped by zionist wahhabi devils led astray by abdul wahhab the satan of najd sponsored by jews to bring fitna to the umma

    • Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother to respond to your comment, just on the basis of the poor quality of your writing alone. But, I had to respond just so that you don’t go off thinking that you have been able to hold your own in an intellectual public forum such as this one. First, if you want to engage in a discussion using the English language, you need to observe the rules of grammar (e.g. don’t start a sentence with small letter, don’t start a paragraph with small letter, don’t have sentences running together aimlessly.

      In any case, after taking the pains to read the stream of consciousness rubbish that you wrote, which was nothing but a regurgitation of the crap that your “Sayyeedis” have been feeding you, or more accurately, your Sayyeedis’ painstaking attempts to fit their story about Salatul Fatih into the core of Islam, I found nothing in your comment that is worthy of tangible response. If Salatul Fatih was a common practice of Rasullalah, why isn’t it part of the mainstream practice in Mecca, Medina, etc., except for in the fringes of the society, even after 1400 years. What has Salatul Fatih have to do with “worshiping Allah as if you see him”? Where is the hadith where Rasullalah said he received Salatul Fatih in a vision? Is it anywhere in Sahih Bukhari or Muslim or Tirmidi? But I am sure your Sufi and/or Shia Imams for whom Kaabah makes tawaf daily know when that vision came about.

      By the way, I take it that you were trying to respond to my article “Is you is or Is you Ain’t a Clodpate”. Apparently you didn’t realize that you should have responded to the article directly, and not to the Welcome page. Furthermore, that article was not about your warped Islamic belief. In fact, it was not about religion. At least, that was not the central theme. Had you been a seasoned public commentator, you would have been able to locate a much more appropriate venue for you to spew your unwarranted religious sermon.

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