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Chinese Are Raping You, Indians are Molesting You, and Your Mama Seems to Care Less


Ahmed Garba

In a previous article, “Mega Stores, Foreign Investors, the Nigerian Retailer, and the Reign of Compradors” (, I raised some issues regarding the penetration and subjugation of African, and particularly, Nigerian markets by the two most bloated nations of the world—China, and India. The negative effects of our blind and unregulated trade relations with these countries are still being debated, but some honest observers have stated their unequivocal position on this matter. Recall the remark by former CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido on the dangers to Nigeria, even the whole of Africa, of our unchecked trade relationship with China, a remark which engendered a retort from the Chinese government. In this article, I will re-visit this seemingly unattended or still unresolved issues. I will set aside the obvious economic, that is, international trade imbalance, international finance, and debt consequences of these relationships. More importantly, I will focus on the human consequences of these lopsided relationships.

Pure Water or Dead Water?

There was a time in Nigeria, Lagos, to be precise, when, if a house lacked its own pipe-borne water, supply, there were public water faucets strategically located around the city, which were maintained by municipal water services (a.k.a Public Water Works). However, once Nigeria was cursed with the reign of the short, gap-tooth devil, water, a basic necessity of life has continued to remain a commodity beyond the reach of an average Nigerian, so much so that water supply has become more than a profitable business. A venture that is now being aided by, particularly the Chinese and the Indians, who have wasted no time to feed our “goo-goo-eyed” entrepreneurs known for their tendency to amorously adore wealth, no matter the source, with endless supply of Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration or distillation systems. And that is the problem—RO filtration and Distillation systems.

Today, a lot of communities in Nigeria can boast of “neighborhood millionaires” whose sudden wealth is attributable to the business of “pure water”. However, what Nigerians have been consuming as “pure water” is actually DEAD WATER! so called because, the water has been “demineralized”. Scientists around the world generally agree that “life” and healthy drinking water must contain certain levels of some essential minerals including, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, zinc, etc. But, when water is processed via RO or distillation, what comes out the other end is “dead water”, because these processes filter out everything—the bad, as well as the good minerals that I have listed above.

According to Scientists, when one consumes excess amount of “dead water”, it offsets the body’s pH (presence of hydrogen) balance, while increasing the acidity in the body. Excess acidity promotes the presence of “free radicals” which are known to raid and pillage healthy cells in the body. In fact, we may have already started seeing evidence of this assertion. I once heard that in one of the northern states (perhaps Jigawa?) there has been unusual increase in reported cases of organ failure, which may have been somewhat or loosely linked to “pure water”. Added to the dangers of dead water is the fact that, in Nigeria, this water is distributed in either plastic bags or plastic bottles. It has since been found that plastic materials, especially the cheap ones, often contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a dangerous chemical substance known to sip into the liquid that it contains. So, you see, if the dead water doesn’t kill you, BPA may give you cancer. They sure get you going and coming.

A more scientific and detailed report of the negative effects of RO or distilled water (a.k.a Deminerailzed water) has been documented as far back as the 1980s and again in 2004, by no less entity than World Health Organization (WHO), in this article:

The facts revealed in this article in itself makes one wonder why and how the business of “pure water” could have been allowed to proliferate so much in Nigeria.

In western countries, many who used to think that bottled water was the “in-thing” are fast realizing that these “waters” are not only inferior to their own municipal drinking water—which by law has to observe the standardized pH value of 7.0–but that such bottled waters are even dangerous, for the simple fact that, they are more acidic than they are alkaline. There have been many demonstrated tests to proof this point. Little wonder then, why countries known for their health consciousness (e.g. Japan) have for very long time, been in the forefront of consuming alkaline (a.k.a. Ionized water). Granted that water ionization machines are beyond the reach of an average Nigerian, but, at least our agencies (hint, hint, NAFDAC) can establish a minimum of pH value that water purifiers must observe. How about that pH value of 7.365, which scientists (of whom I am not one) have agreed upon, accompanied by some acceptable ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value? Better yet, how about we eliminate the Chinese and Indian supported business of “pure water” and go back to properly processed municipal water supply? After all, consumption of “life”, healthy water should be, if it isn’t already, a part of fundamental human right.

Useless and Substandard Electronics

Virtually every day, the shores and ports of Nigeria, even the whole of Africa are impregnated with ships off-loading container-loads of items that Nigerians/Africans have been convinced they must have, or things that, by the sheer failures of their own governments, have become necessities of life. Consider the quantity of sub-standard cell phones and other electronics that are shipped into Nigeria from China or India. Phones that are glued together with poor antennas (which result in bad reception); hardly reliable batteries; screens that can make you go blind from horrible pixel patterns, etc. To be sure, in their own countries (e.g. China), they do produce relatively better quality products for domestic consumption. A case in point, unlike the “Chinco” phones that they sell to us, they have phones of decent quality such as, Oppo N1, which they only consume internally or ship to western countries.

How about the Chinese and Indian forays into solar energy products? Here we have these two countries lounging ahead of western countries, into African markets, where they are bent on selling us products that conscious solar installers have come to realize are not only substandard, but have been known to fry and perhaps burn down parts of houses. Solar panels that are too underpowered for their stated voltages, shoddy soldering of solar cells that leads to malfunctions, resulting in at least, loss of money invested, if not lives. How about inverters where their internals have been tacked onto mere “cardboard” circuitry, or poorly wired parts, or dangerously soldered control boards?

I suggest readers ask themselves, how many Su-Kam inverters are being sold in Europe or USA? If none or not many, why not? Isn’t India a signatory to several world trade regimes? We have even seen Taiwanese-made solar inverters making brisk business in places such as Europe and Australia, even the USA, but not those made in India.

It might also interest the reader to know that when SME (a German company)—one of the foremost manufacturers of solar inverters–decided to look for ways to cut cost and expand their market share, they did not choose to work with the Indians. Instead, they went into partnership with the Chinese company, Jiangsu ZeverSolar. Perhaps the reason for such decision is what someone has aptly stated that, ‘Indians thrive in an environment of chaos’, which is an anathema for the Germans known for their orderliness and quality work. And, it is this affinity for chaos that makes Nigeria a fertile ground for Indians, because lord knows, there is no place more chaotic than Nigeria, as demonstrated by the mind-boggling public theft that we have been reading about lately.

We don’t even want to talk about those unbiquitous power generators that have become sources of noise, air pollution, avoidable accidents, and even deaths. One wonders how many cases of asthma would have been avoided, if Nigerians have not been condemned to the life of “I pass my neighbor”. In a country where solid waste disposal has been a challenge for generations, we are now adding to the pile, this excess load of dangerous electronic products, that if not properly recycled or disposed off, could spell doom for us, in terms of health care epidemics. Meanwhile, the Indians and the Chinese would have carted away their loot.

Life-threatening Consumer Goods

I have often wondered, had Nigeria been a country with well-funded consumer protection agencies, how many dangerous imported consumer goods would have been uncovered by now. Take children toys for example, from time to time one reads that in Western countries, certain Chinese-made toys have been found to be dangerous for kids, and therefore, their importation must be banned. But, in Nigeria, our “Nouveau riche”, will arrogantly walk their over-pampered kids to the new neighborhood ShorpRite, and ignorantly purchase the same toys for them. This, while our custom service, or the police look away. Do we even have safety control boards in Nigeria? If so, what sort of safety standards have they put in place for these foreign imports? How often have these standards been enforced? Sure, there must have been occasions where some of these toys have done some damages, but would we ever know, particularly, for the Hausas, who fatalistically rests everything in the hands of God (“Haka Allah ya Qaddara”).

Now that Buhari’s administration is emphasizing the need to fund and promote agriculture, watch and see how the Indians and the Chinese will jump on this opportunity and saturate us with all sorts of crappy products, a litany of gimmickry gadgetries, some of which we haven’t even fathomed yet. We may begin to see tools/equipment claiming to make it possible to farm yams from plastic bags draped over your balcony, or a machinery that can farm, harvest and produce dried okra in a blink of an eye. The only thing they may not tell us is that, while using these gadgets, if you stand to the left or right, at an opportuned angle, you are bound to loose a limb, get mutilated, or even die. In addition, as I have noted elsewhere in the article referenced above, we may even see Chinese or Indians trying to sell us machines for making “Kosai” (akara), which may be powered by kerosene, running through a faulty hose that can leak and explode unannounced! Or worse still, we may begin to see Chinese and Indian investors buying off our farm lands with the connivance of some of our genuflecting dunces in the corridors of power. Certainly, the likes of “Mesu Jamba” Saraki, or several others of our rentiers will gladly oblige them. All these while poor Nigerians watch helplessly.

Chemically-damaging and Perhaps, Arsenic-ladened Products

All across West Africa, the business of second-hand clothing has bloomed to the detriment of our local textile industries. In addition to these losses, most of the bales of textiles shipped to Africa from China are not only of inferior quality, but they are made with chemicals (e.g. dyes) that are not only unsafe, but may even be found to be carcinogenic. This, in addition to the decimating effect on our industries. How many of Nigeria’s textile companies are operational today?

How about those wigs exported by Indians? Wigs harvested from lice-infested hair of poor, rural, wretched Indians, sometimes mixed with materials from the tails of farmished horses, then processed with dangerous chemicals. It is quite bemusing to see the so-called Nollywood actresses adorn themselves with this otherwise filthy “fashion”, simply out of ignorance and extreme inferiority complex.

I have sometimes wondered why some Nigerian women tend to feel some itch on their heads and can’t resist scratching and sometimes pounding their heads.. Could it be the toxic chemicals used to process the wigs and/or the chemicals in their hair pomade reacting with the African sun?

What is even more disturbing is watching the so-called Kannywood movies where, otherwise cultured Hausa-Fulani actresses will forego their traditions and values in preference for some ridiculous Indian sari, or imitating Indian music genre. You have the choice of Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri, etc., cultures, but you will opt for something belonging to people who, even in the 21st century still have part of their population (more than the entire population of Nigeria) that believe in worshiping rats or Shiva, the lord of erect Phallus. What a sorrowful and pathetic demonstration of ignorance and inferiority complex.


As I make these points, I am sure there will be no shortage of people (Nigerians) who will disagree with me. Some may even heave and howl, mainly because they benefit from this rape of our land and people. The Europeans did their bit during colonialism, with the connivance of our “elites” in palaces and local government. Now the Chinese and the Indians are coming for their own round of the orgy, and some of our representatives have been more than eager to aid and abet them, for the right fee. If you have ever reflected deeply on these matters, you will begin to understand that when Idi Amin Dada ejected Indians from Uganda, the man was not totally crazy after all.

Anyone who has observed these two countries–China, and India, might even excuse the Chinese, to some degree, because their sense of human relations with respect to Africans is more tolerable than the overtly insulting manners of the Indians. Here is a people, the Indians, who, wherever they go, they carry with them their abhorrent culture of caste system. Ever noticed that, in all parts of Africa—even East and Southern Africa—where they sometimes claim indigenous identity, they make a point of living in their own enclave? In fact, the only part of the world where Indians have somewhat interacted, (“assimilated”) with the local community is the Caribbean Islands, and even there, the Indians are mostly descendants of “lower caste” indentured servants brought there by the British. Contrast this with the fact that, even in the heart of China, some Africans, Nigerians included have found acceptance to the extent that, in addition to operating businesses, there have been inter-marriages between Chinese and Nigerians or other Africans. Even pseudo-homogeneous Japan, more advanced in many ways than India and China has witnessed some degree of acceptance of Africans—in their own country—at least via inter-marriages. Granted, these seeming examples of acceptance may be cases of calculated agenda on the part of both parties, for some perceived socio-economic benefits, but, finding similar examples with respect to the Indians is tantamount to looking for hen’s teeth.

We have also witnessed rare demonstration of “honor” by Chinese officials who have been willing to commit suicide or serve jail time for crime against humanity, perhaps not for “raping” Africans. Have you ever heard of an Indian demonstrating such “honor”, even as a result of crime against their own people, let alone an act of “raping” Africa and Africans? Rather, what we have seen were occasions where African students, especially Nigerians have been mercilessly murdered by Indians, often with the connivance or tacit knowledge of Indian police! And so far, no Nigerian authority has been known to have sought redress, let alone secure any justice on behalf of these Nigerians who have been so horribly exterminated, by the same set of people who come into our country in search of wealth. Compared to China, how many Nigerians run/operate businesses, even a Kiosk, in India? Yet, Indians can have a massive Sikh temple in the heart of Lagos? I wonder how many Lagosians or Nigerians practice Buddhism.

Remember the case of the Indian owners of Dana Airlines who fled the country as soon as they have killed Nigerians, by operating defective aircrafts? Of course, their flight was probably aided in part, by our “trusted” officers in the police force, the immigration, and the judiciary, who have elevated the practice of vertical corruption to an art. Furthermore, with the depth of poverty and desperation that Nigerians have been subjected to, coupled with the many instances of professed Indian disdain for African lives, it is quite possible for us to wake up one day only to find out that there have been underground Indian-operated rackets for human organ harvesting going on right under our noses. After all, they have been known to conduct similar operations (for Kidney harvesting) in their own country, using their own lower caste members, sometimes for the benefit of wealthy Middle Eastern Oil Sheikhs. Besides, our own domestic baby factory operations are enough to serve as excuse for them.

Yes, they are raping and molesting us, and sadly with the help of our own people.

In light of the preceding discussions, I will, along with other well-meaning Nigerians, hope that, as this new administration takes shape, we may begin to have some control over what our people are being “fed” by our foreign trade partners, especially, the Indians and the Chinese, who have demonstrated high level of aggression in their dealings with us. Simply put, we need to “Take Back Nigeria”.


“Aboki” vs. Leviathan: Nigeria Standing on Quicksand of Despotism

By Ahmed Garba

On February, 20, 2014, Nigerians woke up to learn that their stealth dictator, Emperor Ebele has suspended the Governor of Central Bank, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. In a manner consistent with hypocrisy, the emperor waited for Sanusi to be out of the country before carrying out his despicable (some might say calculated humiliation) act. Weren’t we here before, in 1976, when Yakubu Gowon was attending OAU meeting in Kampala, Uganda, only to be told that there had been a coup against his government; again in August of 1985, when Gen. Buhari was away in Saudi Arabia, and evil man Babangida staged a coup? No wonder Ebele once said that Babangida is “like a father to me”. Like father like son? It is important to point out that the first two cases involved military coups, where the coup plotters had to try to minimize insurrection or loss of lives. So, what is the Emperor’s excuse?

Alas, the Ebele that Nigerians thought they knew is not the Ebele there is.

Consider the facts revealed in a recent report that, a few days before the announcement of the CBN governor’s suspension, when Ebele sat down with his Kitchen cabinet, several options were tabled as to how the matter should be handled. The options ranged from the sensible, that is, let the governor run out his course peacefully, to the thuggish/ruffian let’s disgrace him out of office. Needless to say, we have seen which option Ebele found more acceptable. So, we are dealing with someone who truly believes in his own statement: “I don’t give a damn” about Nigeria and Nigerians.

Lest we forget, we have previously seen this display of flight of reason from our closet tyrant. Recall the way he handled the case of former President of Court of Appeals, Justice Isa Ayo Salami. We saw how the emperor pressed the panic button, when he thought that Justice Salami was going to “throw sand in his gari”. In a previous article, written two years ago, I chronicled Ebele’s tyrannical tendencies. It is worth revisiting.


As noted by Daily Independent in this article, the term “Garrison Politics” was first introduced into Nigeria’s political lexicon by none other than PDP’s own former Senator, and retired Col. Ahmadu Ali. He chose it as a better replacement for the term “amala politics” that was being used to describe the rough and tumble style of politics practiced by Lamidi Adedibu in Oyo state. One now wonders if Senator/Col. Ali was consciously or subconsciously describing the true ideology of his own party–PDP, for, as we have been witnessing, PDP is quite at home in this bare knuckle, “do or die” politics, and they do it with all manners of malevolence. In addition to what Nigerians witnessed under Obasanjo (e.g. the unexplained murder of Bola Ige), current examples include the following:

  • Let us go back to the case of Justice Isa Ayo Salami, which represents the first ‘in your face’ frontal assault against what should have remained a respected Nigerian institution—The Nigerian Court of Appeals. Here was the head of Nigeria’s Court of Appeals being maltreated, disgraced, and unceremoniously removed from office by ballot thieves, who engaged the tools of garrison politics to soil the man, solely because Ebele’s political ambition supersedes justice and fairness in Nigeria. The saddest part of that event was that the National Judicial Council—a body that should have fought tooth and nail to uphold the dignity of the judiciary—shamefully allowed itself to become a willing accomplice against one of its own. And when they “came to their senses”, reversed themselves, and requested that Ebele reinstates the Justice, he “gave them the finger”, because, they had already sold their soul.
  • Then there was the murky case of Gen. Azazi. It had been rumored that, as a cabinet member, he sometimes ran out of patience with Ebele’s indolence, and he made it known at times. But when he left the cabinet, and dared to go out and announce that there is a link between Boko Haram and PDP, his goose was cooked. Without warning and under mysterious circumstances, Azazi had to settle with the lord, in a flaming helicopter above the sky in the creek. This, despite the gun running contribution that he had made to the militants in the creek–an act for which he was retired from the military.
  • When on independence day 2010, bombs went off in Abuja, Ebele wasted no time to exonerate “my people” (MEND). However, Henry Okah, a member of MEND, who confessed to the 2010 bombing was for some mysterious reason tried and convicted not in Nigeria where he committed the crime against Nigerians, but in South Africa. The accused, in his defence stated that he, together with the other perpetrators were instructed to blame the attack on Ebele’s opponents, ahead of the 2011 elections. Do we “know why the caged bird” didn’t sing otherwise? More importantly, do we know why an accused who committed a crime in Nigeria against Nigerians will not be extradited to face charges in Nigeria?
  • How about that veil threat against the governor of Barno state during the recent so-called presidential chat, in which Ebele threatened to withdraw soldiers from the state? Not only was that statement a clear betrayal of Ebele’s mentality, but somehow, it was followed by a barrage of bullets against the governor’s convoy, in less than 48 hours! Furthermore, there are new reports indicating that the wanton killing of students in Yobe state a couple of days earlier, was preceded by the mysterious withdrawal of soldiers manning a checkpoint around the school. The perpetrators also had good four hours to operate, despite the whole state being under “emergency rule”.
  • Nuhu Ribadu, who had previously been chased out of Nigeria by bullet, thanks to ‘vested interests, came back and made the mistake of thinking that when your country calls, you are duty-bound to respond. At least, this was his reason for accepting to chair the committee on subsidy removal crisis. What he didn’t count on was that Ebele never meant well for Nigeria. Soon as he submitted his report, not only was it thrown in the dumpster, but to the chagrin of Nigerians, his name and reputation were smeared by Ebele’s spokesman, Reuben Abati—the man who looks more like a Southern Sudanese than a Nigerian. Where are those people who took care of Shugaba Darma when you need them?
  • Now, it is Sanusi’s turn. That Emperor Ebele woke up one morning and suspended the Central Bank Governor was not unexpected–even Sanusi himself will say that it had been “telegraphed” from afar. But it is unprecedented. But then again, a lot is unprecedented where Ebele is concerned, starting with excruciating poverty in the country, extreme unemployment, never-before-seen level of ethno-religious division, and above all, unfathomable CORRUPTION!

    It is that last part, corruption that the “Aboki”, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi chose to take on, and do so damming Ebele’s commitment to brigandage. It is hardly any secrete within and outside Nigeria that Ebele is a man for whom any fight against corruption is an anathema. In fact, if you ask him, he will tell you that corruption is a “benediction”; and if he didn’t have that inferiority complex before white people, he would have stated this fact in Davos, Switzerland. Trouble is, Sanusi did not “get the memo/email”, that Ebele expects corruption to be photo-phobic; that it must remain allergic to sunlight or light from any source.

  • If Gen. Buhari had WAI (War Against Indiscipline), Ebele has WAT (War Against Transparency)!

    Since this event started unraveling, a lot has been said about the various “sins” of Sanusi, ranging from he talked too much, he was too brazen, he was not apolitical, etc., but I will submit that as far as Ebele is concerned, Sanusi’s cardinal sin is that, the audacious Aboki had trouble accepting that Ebele’s philosophy/ideology is: “It is our oyel”.

    The most surprising public evidence of this bare knuckle fist fight, or the rofo rofo fight as the Yorubas will put it, was the typical crude and crass manner in which the CBN governor was suspended while on official business trip, coupled with the litany of justifications publicly narrated in the letter of suspension. Even for brigands, such display of inelegance and doltish behavior is a new low. But then again, that is right Ebele’s alley. It had been reported that Sanusi was asked to resign but he refused. While confirming the story, Sanusi clarified that the reason given for the request was that, he had leaked his letter of September 2013 to Obasanjo and Amechi, an allegation that he denied. Question: If there was this mountain of evidence against Sanusi, wouldn’t it have been more legitimate to present these facts as concrete evidence for requesting his resignation? I would think that a more dignified way to effectuate the request for resignation will be to present the damning evidence of violations, along with the provisions of the law supporting the request for his resignation. So, most likely, the talk of asking Sanusi to resign must have been the first salvo of the garrison politics that is now unfolding.

    In fact, in all of the sundry list of justifications for suspending Sanusi, our aberrant tyrant–whose style falls way out in the tail end of outliers even for Nigeria, with all of her history of military rulership–did not border to provide Nigerians with the legal basis that informed his “rush to judgment”. Instead, what we got was endless list of allegations, laden with vile summation coming from that obscure Financial Reporting Council—an agency whose intended purpose is to set standards for how audit reports should be prepared. An agency whose own CEO (Jim Obazee) is himself mired in sexual harassment case. In addition, given the tone and style of the FRC report, it begs the question, can an organization that produces such a report, peppered with prejudice be trusted with the responsibility of setting audit reporting standards. Certainly, no Accounting/Auditing company will consider it professional to produce report using such language. In Sanusi’s suspension, as in the case of Justice Ayo Salami, the emperor resorted to the “recommendation” of a council to do his hatchet job, but the emperor did not accord the same value to the 2011 KPMG report on NNPC, or the Ribadu Committee Report on subsidy removal.

    Ebele may very well be showing his tendency towards vindictiveness. In a recent interview, Sanusi mentioned that, as far back as 2011, he had told Ebele that he has no interest in staying on as CBN governor after the end of his current contract. He also added that, Ebele was somewhat taken aback by that statement. Also, right around the 2011 presidential election, Sanusi wrote an article, I believe it was titled: “Why I will vote for Buhari”, in which he praised Buhari’s economic policy dubbed “Buharism”, which might be construed as a slight against Ebele and/or Ngozi. Taking these two events, coupled with Ebele’s established propensity for vindictiveness, one can see that Sanusi has been in Ebele’s cross hair for a long time. Therefore, his whistle blowing about NNPC’s shady activities is tantamount to the case of a chicken that is about to be roasted which then doused itself with cooking oil.

    Furthermore, when Sanusi spoke at a recent TEDx event, where he introduced Nigerian youths to the well entrenched claws of ‘vested interests’ in the country, and the deep-seated concept of rentier state, who would have failed to notice that he was alerting Nigerians that fighting corruption comes with a price?

    Interestingly enough, we have not heard from our northern political champions (NEF, ACF, etc.) on this matter. Even the former Kaduna Mafia (now Northern Cabal) have been uncharacteristically silent. I wonder if the barrage of SCUD missiles that Sanusi has been launching was about to claim them as collateral damage along the way. If so, then you can almost hear them saying, serves him right. Let him roast, after all, he knows enough ‘turanci’ to untangle himself.

    They say there is no honor among thieves, and they are right, whoever they are. As the heat intensifies on this matter, especially in the foreign press, Ngozi may very well have decided that it is time to throw Ebele under the bus. In this article, hear Ngozi trying to sanitize her image by sacrificing Ebele:

    “My position on this has been clear from the start. The Ministry of Finance’s reconciliation showed a shortfall of $10.8bn in NNPC remittances to the Federation account. After this, the conflicting claims continued with new figures such as $20bn being mentioned………I therefore want to see the truth from an investigation under the auspices of the Auditor-General, which in my view should be undertaken as a matter of extreme urgency by independent external auditor.”

    Is that the Accountant-General that is also involved in 3.5 billion naira scandal?

    In order to help us understand this sudden sense of duty that has overtaken Ngozi, the BBC reporter, Robert Peston added this:

    “On the face of it, this looks like a declaration of at least semi independence by the finance minister from Nigeria’s president, who has been accused of punishing the central bank governor for raising concerns about the allegedly missing oil billions…..The reason I say that is because – I am reliably led to believe – the finance minister is concerned that Goodluck Jonathan, if left to his own devices, would not have initiated an independent probe of the allegedly missing billions.”

    Isn’t Ngozi the so-called “Coordinating Minister of Economy”? The one given carte blanch authority over Nigeria’s economy, but who never bothered to raise alarm when billions of dollars went missing? Also, isn’t it amazing? when Sanusi raised alarm in his letter of September 2013, both Ebele and Ngozi could not be bothered. Now Ngozi is telling a BBC reporter that she wants investigation because Ebele will not initiate any probe on his own. Why didn’t she second Sanusi when he raised the issue initially? If you ask me, I’d say that somebody (hint, hint, Ngozi)–right before our wide-open, God-blessed eyes–wants to take the high moral ground and extricate herself from the pilfering quagmire that she helped create or sustain.

    Finally, let us not fool ourselves, every time Dokubo Asari threatens Nigeria and Nigerians, he is speaking with his own tongue, but from deep inside the mind of Ebele; and from the preceding instances of plundering banditry, it appears we are witnessing the evolution of an irascible Ebele into an unconscionable Leviathan. Therefore, while in 2011 Ebele’s political mantra was “Fresh Air”, come 2015, his new mantra may very well be “Burn baby Burn!”.

    Mega Stores, Foreign Investors, the Nigerian Retailer, and the Reign of Compradors


    Ahmed Garba

    Recently, in a conversation with a friend, it downed on us that slowly but surely, the Nigerian ruling class is definitely hammering the nails on the coffin of what used to be a proud Nigerian class—The Small Business Owners or Retailers.  Once upon a time, the bulk of Nigerian “middle class” was essentially comprised of people/families engaged in the business of buying and selling–from small scale retailer, to some sort of pseudo wholesaler.  The economies of cities such as Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, etc., were heavily propelled and kept alive by the activities of Mom and Pop businesses, where services as little as hawking food on the streets, local eatery/bakery, roadside vulcanizing were legitimate, albeit, marginally sufficient income earning businesses.  It used to be that you could find that street-corner Carpenter to build your furniture from scratch.

    But alas, we are beginning to see the death of this hope! 

    Let us forget for the moment, the widely known perversion of the oil sector.   That is, the decimation of the refineries in preference for the importation of refined petrol–an objective nurtured and sustained by our very own abominable “leisure class”, to borrow from Thorstein Veblen.  Let’s not even talk about the absurdity called “privatization”, where we have seen all sorts of permutations of “investors” consisting of our very own embezzling compradors, and all manners of shady characters from foreign lands.  No, let’s look at more banal, mundane economic life.   If you canvass cities such as Kaduna, Kano, etc., you will find out that, with respect to the business of bakery alone, local bakers have lost out to the Chinese.  The reign of Idris Moro in Kaduna has come to an end.  In places such as Kano, certain markets that used to be populated by “Kanawa” (e.g. Kanti Kwari) have been taken over by the Chinese as well, who now sell to us, things that they were never known to consume or produce until recently (e.g. printed fabric such as, batik, “atamfa”).  Our fishermen are also fast losing out to the Chinese, as even the tilapia that we eat now come from China.  The cabinet makers who used to produce locally made furniture from our local trees (e.g. mahogany) have been usurped by the Chinese, who now sell us substandard products, imported from China.  Even our cobblers/shoemakers have lost out to the Chinese.  The same Chinese people that were never known to be the first name in shoemaking; not even in the business of leather goods. All these while our callous elite class ‘grin’ all the way to the bank.

    Our compradors, from national “leadership” to lowly pen-pushers have sold us out and they continue to do so, without batting an eyelid.  They now serve as “fronts” or “facilitators” to both large and small foreign investors such as Shoprite, Walmart, or what have you, who somehow manage to secure visa and enter Nigeria to conduct business at the drop of a hat.  In fact, in the case of entities such as Shoprite, they simply annihilate/obliterate our small scale retailers and not to the chagrin of our “leaders”. Unfortunately, our somewhat educated but unenlightened city dwellers have been sold the idea that mega stores, such as Shoprite, Walmart are indicators of progress.

    The poor Nigerian retailer has been so beaten down that he/she has had to engage in his/her own little paradigm shift—if you cannot beat them; cannot join them, then crawl over there and take some crumbs off their table.  Now we have our retailers “sub-wholesaling” from the Chinese or from those serving as fronts for the Chinese.  Look around, you will find that whatever is left of your local shop is full of Chinese substandard goods; notice the goods being hawked by those kids who put their lives on the line at various traffic intersections and you will find that they are all made in China or India.  In fact, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that pretty soon, the old lady frying ‘Kosai/akara’ by the roadside, as well as the old ‘Buka’ owner, aka “Mama Put” will soon be overtaken by Chinese, who will set up a Kiosk with Chinese-made gas stove and shoddy plastic benches to impress poor Nigerians, who will be oblivious to the fact that their mothers/grandmothers have just been trampeled! If you are in doubt, observe the sudden proliferation of Chinese eateries in the country.

    Already, the business of bore hole drilling has been taken over by those teaming Indians, who now enter Nigeria in droves.  This, in spite of the fact that one will be hard pressed to find Nigerians doing business in India with the assistance of Indian governments at any level.  One has to wonder how it is possible for Indians in faraway India to be able to figure out that there is money to be made, by going to Nigeria to dig holes all over the place in search of water, while throngs of Nigerian college graduates are roaming the streets unemployed.  Nigeria’s “patriotic” leadership never thought it fit to divert the opportunity granted these Indians to helping Nigerians for the sake of Nigeria.  An example here might be, granting loans to the unemployed graduates who are willing to take on bore hole drilling business.  After all, the Indians trooping into Nigeria might have taken loans from their own governments or family members, with the guaranteed hope of repatriating handsome remuneration right before the eyes of Nigeria’s heartless elite.

    Even Ethiopian Airlines has edged out whatever Nigeria/Nigerians can boast of in the airline industry, thanks to the grand gamin from Otta, Obasanjo, who supervised the shredding auctioning of our erstwhile Nigerian Airways.  Not to be left behind, the Nigerian Police is already being “rented” out to serve the Chinese; even protect Chinese laborers.  I suppose this is what happens when reprobates are at the helms of affairs.

    While Nigerians may have been sold a dummy—that mega stores are good things, let us remember that, even in mega wealthy America, with its diversified economy, local communities often shiver, and rise up against intrusion from large corporations such as Walmart, due to the ‘Pac-man’-like mentality of these mega corporations.  It has never been lost on their small business owners that mega stores mean the death of their own future or the future of their community as they know it. In fact, even American large corporations enjoy government protection against foreign competition!

    Love him or hate him, one of the things General Buhari did as chairman of PTF was to enforce a policy that PTF contractors MUST patronize Nigerian businesses and manufacturers. Call it import-substitution, with a little dose of mercantilism.  However, since that agency was sent to the “defunct pile”, none of the subsequent governments since 1999 has thought it necessary to continue such sensible policy.  One wonders why our “economic policy experts” never bother to fashion a development strategy based on one of the two prominent competing choices available to developing countries.  That is, import-substitution or export-led growth.  For, as we have been witnessing, “consumption” whether conspicuous or not, is a dead end for Nigeria. Remember the countries formerly known as (NICs) Newly Industrializing Countries (e.g. Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil)? They are light years ahead of Nigeria now, thanks to good governance and commitment to sound economic policies. Not the policy of “its own turn to chop”. Instead of fashioning sensible economic policy, we are being led down the path of stupendous borrowing (in billions, trillions, centillions of Naira). All these, in the midst of plenty–Nigeria’s oil revenue has never been quite as high as it has been in recent years.

    We recently read that the Carpet Crosser of Bauchi, Governor Isa Yuguda has committed the lives of the people of Bauchi state, for 25 years, into the hands of some Chinese investors, to the tune of $201 million dollars (320 billion Naira), in order to provide the state with 140 mega watts of electricity. Since no plebiscite was ever approved by the poor people of Bauchi state, who, by the way, are still reeling from the devastating menace of Boko Haram, one wonders why this moral hypocrite of the Northern Governors Forum, did not invite his mother-in-law, Turai ‘Yar Adua, the one time cabal comandante and a master pilferer in her own right, to step forward and join in this “sensible” venture. After all, coughing up some ill-gotten wealth may expiate some sins.

    All these events, coupled with the seemingly endless insecurity; unabated vertical and horizontal corruption; and unbearable hardships make one wonders if Nigeria is not fast becoming a form of dystopia, managed by anti-human compradors.  Unfortunately, such is the Cul de Sac that we have found ourselves. We can only hope that the country’s rulership will one day ‘find religion’, and realize the value of good governance.

    Orrery of Misplaced Arguments: Yarima, the Constitution, and the Child-Bride

    Ahmed Garba

    Once again our “hero” is in the news. You know him, Senator Ahmed Sani Yarima, the self-appointed champion of Islam in Nigeria. That is, champion only with respect to matters relating to the general vicinity of the vulvar of young girls. The man is full of steam this time, even threatening that he will “slap the jinn” out of anyone who dares to curtail his right to marry young girls. But, trouble is, this time around, both Yarima and his antagonists over-shot their respective arguments. The matter at hand was the review of section 29-4b of the Nigerian constitution. More precisely, the issue of a person’s right to keep or denounce their citizenship. Succinctly put, the relevant section says, among other things, two categories of people can renounce their citizenship:

    1. A person who has attained the age of 18 years or above.
    2. A married woman (presumably of any age).

    It is that second provision that set off the sparks. I suppose, the constitution review committee wanted to eliminate this second provision, and that threatens Yarima’s connubial interest. So, the “brother” came out swinging, arguing that such elimination then deprives a married woman under the age of 18, the right to denounce her citizenship. However, Yarima over-extended his point when he front-loaded his argument with all manners of rational from God, to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), to all that is Islam, which consequently gave his ardent antagonists something to bite on. This is the long and short of the issue: The section is not about setting an age limit for marrying or marrying off young girls!

    Then why are they all up in arms? how did the country become engulfed in debate, argument, and fight over Islam, child-bride, pedophilia, right to marry a 13 year-old, etc.? The reason is the culmination of several factors, including: (a) Yarima, the lightening-rod is in the center of the debate; (b) the country has been witnessing pent-up resentment against anything with the word Islam, Muslims, or northern Nigeria in it.

    Some of the series of salvos fired by the so-called social service organizations and other cadre of activists were blindingly off the mark, because they were engendered by hate, and therefore, laced with venomous utterances that ended up framing the debate off-kilter. Anybody who has taken the time to read the section of the constitution in question will quickly realize that there is no mention of under-age marriage or marrying off a 13 year-old. Consequently, we simply ended up with an orrery of unwarranted, and misplaced arguments/debates. Yerima’s antagonists were incensed that the likes of him will even rise on the senate floor to argue a position that they consider as backward and ancient as Babylonia. How dare he, of all people?

    For his part, Yarima bungled things when he chose to couch his argument in terms of his right as a Muslim to marry young girls or marry them off. Here is how the man allegedly made his case on the floor of the senate:

    “In Islam, a girl can be given out in marriage as early as 6 years old, but consummation of the marriage can only be done when the girl becomes physically mature,” I live in a city where young girls at the age of 12 have already became serial fornicators and cannot count the number of man they’ve Were Intimate with…. I live in a City where primary school children disvirgin themselves behind toilets on Valentine day. ….I live in a city where young girls flood the street at night looking for men that would give them N500 to be intimate with them …..I live in a city where parents send their daughters out overseas to prostitute and send dollars down. ……I live in a City where Government officials pick undergraduates from University car parks with Coastal Buses to wild sex parties.….. I live in a city where abortion is so common that even a Chemist shop owner can perform abortion with just N2,500……..These are your daughters, and this should worry you and not Yerima’s private matters. So ask me again why I support early marriage and I will slap the Jinn out of your head.”


    Sadly, as he was venting, nobody on the senate floor, not his Political Assistant (assuming he has one, if he has not squandered the money earmarked for that position on another 13 year-old), not even the Senate President, (what a wish) had the common sense to “redirect” the man. At least somebody should have pointed the man to the main issue at hand and confine him to it. To borrow from an American political strategist, James Carville, it is “citizenship” stupid. I suppose this odious failure is what happens when people are consumed by the tyranny of small-mindedness.

    To be fair to Yarima, the section of the constitution being debated was inserted by those who crafted the 1999 constitution–a time when Yarima could not have been anywhere near our hallow hollow chambers–and it is hard to believe that the authors were some sort of “obnoxious Salafis”, nor did they ever expect the likes of Yarima to come along and upturn their intent, and use the provision as a launch pad for some debate on what, and what not Islam allows. Let us also remember that, whenever the subject of child-bride comes up, Yarima has no choice but enter “survival mode”, because the issue is close to home and God knows, the man does not want to be criminalized.

    There is nothing wrong with Yarima wanting to do his part for Islam but, he doesn’t have to expend his energy only on matters revolving around the genitalia of young girls. As a senator representing one of the poorest states in the nation, who also proudly cloak himself in the garb of Islam, you’d think that foremost in Yarima’s agenda would be the upliftment of his people, a much more relevant duty for a so-called champion of Islam. Young kids, mostly boys are dying of poisoning in his Zamfara state and the man is totally unperturbed by that. High level of illiteracy, unemployment, lack of industrial development, etc. are all ravaging his constituency, and ‘brother man’ is throwing down the gauntlet on the issue of child-bride. Here is a man who ever since he entered the senate has been dead-silent, and when he finally emerged, he came out like a cross between a gargoyle and a gremlin.

    The quote above, which Yarima used to buttress his argument actually speaks to his failing as a senator, and the failure of the entire Nigerian legislature. When a country is faced with such series of scourge as he had listed, aren’t the people’s representatives supposed to address the problem? In fact, it can be argued that if Yerima, himself, despite being a Muslim rose to fight the bane that he had identified and enumerated, Allah could very well reward him, even if the beneficiaries are not Muslims. Rather than spending his energy berating those “in the life”, would he not have been a better Muslim if he had chosen to work with other “legislatooters” to change the lives of those unfortunate enough to be bedeviled by such misfortune? Having described Abuja as if it were Rome under Caligula, what solution did Yerima propose?

    Now that we know that Libidinous Yarima can fight to the death to preserve his right to chase the ‘patari’ (undergarment) of young girls, it is pertinent to ask: What has Yarima done for 13 year-old boys, or their mothers, for the sake of Islam? Scandalous, scandalous man.

    Agusta A109E: Kabu-Kabu In the Creek?


    Ahmed Garba

    Death, they say awaits everyone.  And for us Muslims, it is unthinkable to question the event itself or its timing.  We generally don’t engage in that ‘jibby-jabber’ nonsense about why? why now? Why this person or that person? etc.  We humbly accept death as an unavoidable finality.  However, the sad crash of Nigerian Navy’s Helicopter, Agusta A109E that occurred on Saturday, December 15, 2012 yields itself to a lot of questions.

    Crash Site

    Crash Site

    According to the reports, and perhaps for the first time in the history of Nigeria, we are to learn that our so-called democratically ‘s’elected president had commandeered for his own personal use, in his own village, a $4 million helicopter purchased with public funds, and intended for

    the use of the Nigerian Navy!  Furthermore, as a mark of his I-don’t-give-a-damn generosity, he also thought it appropriate, to permit the use of this helicopter by his advisers.  This is how we now have on our hands, deaths at a funeral.


    Nigerian Navy’s $4,000,000 Agusta A109E

    Now, these facts compel one to wonder how appropriate this conduct is to the practice of presidential system of government.  Since Nigeria’s constitution was fashioned after the United States’, it is imperative to compare what obtains in the U.S. with respect to how a U.S. President uses public/military resources with how it is done in blundering Nigeria.  It turns out that an American President has no right to arrogate to himself a military helicopter for use other than official purposes.  In fact, an American president is required to pay part of the cost of running Air Force One–the president’s official jet, if the aircraft is used for non-official reasons, such as, campaign travels:

    “When Air Force One is used for political purposes, the president often reimburses the government for the cost of food, lodging and travel. The president or his election campaign pays back an amount that is “equivalent of the airfare that they would have paid had they used a commercial airline”, according to the Congressional Research Service.”


    Yet, in our vulgar imitation of the American system, we have found ourselves burdened by an absolute Emperor instead of a President.  We appear to have a ruler, whose sense of impudence is crass beyond believe.  Let us go back and see if we can find any precedent where Nigeria has ever witnessed this churlish, inelegant conduct by previous heads of state.  We never heard of Gowon parking a military helicopter in Wusasa or his village in Plateau.  There was never any evidence of Babangida, despite his evilness, housing a military helicopter in Minna; we have no such proof for Abdulsalam either; nor do we have any proof that Buhari ever stored a military helicopter in Daura.  Now Obasanjo may be a different case, we may have to continue looking all over that expansive farm in Otta, but my guess is that we may still come up empty, because incestuous and crass as he may be, he still knows better than to be so overtly crude.  You’d think that these people, given their military background, and the absolute nature of their reign of power would have resorted to such boorishness, but no, it has to happen when we discovered ‘garrison democracy’ under Ebele.

    Young Commander Daba

    Young Commander Daba

    Six people perished in the crash of Agusta A109E but, two of these people–Commander Murtala Muhammed Daba, and Lt. David Adeyemi Sowole did not have to be there, if we had a president and a system that respected law, order, and human life.  These officers were supposed to be doing true and honest “Navy” work, not taxiing civilians all over the creek, like cab drivers.   I don’t know much about the man, Pa Tamunoobebara Douglas but, so far, I have not been able to come across any evidence that suggests that the man had contributed so much to Nigeria, that his burial commanded the sacrifice of highly trained officers of the Nigerian military, and the use of military resources.  It is therefore, an insult to the Nigerian military personnel to be used in this manner.

    Some people have been eager to justify the use of this helicopter and the young officers because they were transporting a retired General.  This is hogwash, utter and complete rubbish.  We have General Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s ruler for 9 years; General Babangida, Nigeria’s ruler and destroyer for 8 years; General Abdulsalami, Nigeria’s ruler for 1 year; General Buhari, Nigeria’s Head of State for about 2 years; Shehu Shagari Nigeria’s President for 4 years; General Obasanjo, Nigeria’s military ruler for 3 1/2 years and civilian president for 8 years!  Now, when did we see any of these people accorded the luxury of flying a Navy helicopter for personal trips after they had left office?  In fact, any of these people will be considered more qualified for such honor than Azazi, a man whose checkered record includes association with the shady characters of MEND.  Furthermore, we have been told that the helicopter made anywhere from 10 to 15 trips on that fateful day, are we to believe that Azazi enjoyed flying in the helicopter so much that he was going back and forth those many times?

    Since Ebele came along, we have been hearing all sorts of noise about the Ijaw nation and their (Oyel) oil.  Everything about Nigeria is predicated on ‘our oyel’.  I have to ask, since they love their creek, their ‘oyel’ and their general so much why didn’t they supply their ‘boys’ to fly their general?  After all, some of their MEND boys have been sent out for flight training at Nigeria’s expense.  Besides, using ‘their boys’ and leaving ‘our boys’ alone would have eliminated the insinuation of foul play, and conspiracy theories that are now beginning to occupy idle minds.

    As for Saucepan, I mean Suswan, who has been trying to capitalize on this incident to whip up ethno-religious conflict, let us recognize his hollering as an indication that, perhaps the deal he signed with the Oracle that got him into the governor’s mansion is coming due.  Consequently he is jumping ahead to pin his imminent demise on someone else.  It wouldn’t work.

    The unfortunate deaths of these young officers should be enough to motivate any well-meaning members of the legislature to sit up, confront and curtail the excesses of the despot that Nigeria calls president.  I would also hope that when Azazi’s funeral rolls around, the people of Ijaw nation do not expect to have another Navy helicopter ferrying them around in the Creek, since Pa Douglas already took down one, along with two non-Ijaw young officers.  Only Yakowa’s people should now be allowed to requisition for one.  May God forgive the dead,  Ameen.

    “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t” a Clodpate?


    Ahmed Garba

    I know this title is the most absurd violation of English grammar.  You might say an in-your-face assault on the English language.  But, it had to be done, even if for poetic license.  It is actually a modification of the dialectal title of a popular 1944 Rhythm and Blues song–“Is you Is or Is you Ain’t My Baby”, by Louis Jordan, which has now become a popular Jazz standard, ‘straight up jazz’, that is.

    Now, why did I choose it for a title?  As you will see later, this rather tongue-twisting vernacular expression–common among pre-1960s uneducated Black Americans–accurately captures the addled, befuddled, dodo-like  nature of the main character of this article.  It depicts the fuzzy, gauzy, crepuscular mind of the man.

    Whenever Nigerians discuss the current crop of politicians in the country, you hear them express some sense of resignation that they have been saddled with ‘clueless’ politicians, who, though quite adept at stealing, are alarmingly daft, and unthinking especially, with respect to growth, development, peace and security, etc.  One little demonstration of this lack of perception was the event that recently unfolded at the Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna.

    In turns out that Namadi Sambo, Nigeria’s Vice President actually has daughters of marriageable age.  For whatever reason–considering how much money has been flowing around the man–this ‘proud’ father decided to have a ‘2-fa’ (two-for-one) wedding.  That is, two daughters were to have their wedding on the same day, at the same location.  In his not so infinite wisdom, the father of six decided to bring two warring Islamic sects (Ahlus Sunnah, and Tareeqa/Tijjaniyya/Qadiriyya) to grace his daughters’ wedding!  As would have been expected, things went hay-wire.  According to the report:

    Trouble started at the famous Sultan Bello Mosque, Kaduna venue of the event when after conducting all the formalities for a wedding fatiha, two respected Islamic clerics, Sheik Dahiru Bauchi and Dr. Ahmed Gumi were asked to offer a special prayer for the couples…….Sheik Dahiru Bauchi started by reciting ‘Salatil Fati’ and ended it with the same ‘Salatil Fati’ according to his belief……When Dr. Gumi took the microphone, he said “Malam Dahiru Bauchi ought not to recited Salatil Fati in this Sultan Bello Mosque, since we have different views and understanding on the supplication.”……His statement stirred a row between their followers, a development that made the guests including the vice president to immediately rush out to their vehicles and leave the venue”.


    So, members of SSS spirited away Sambo, the dodo, who setup the dumb scenario in the first place.  I tell you, people who live in billion naira houses should not have a ‘2-fa’ wedding.  They also should not take to their heels when their ill-conceived ideas bear fruits.

    What Caused the Raucous?

    For those who may not know what is at stake here, the contention was between the “Originalist” Muslims, some might say Orthodox (aka Ahlus Sunnah–Ahmed Gumi) and the “Innovator”, more like the “Adulterator” Muslims (aka Tijjaniyya/Qadiriyya/Tareeqa–Dahiru Bauchi).  One of the gripes between the two is the value placed on a supplication called “Salatul Fatih” by the Tijjaniyya sect.  Salatul Fatih is a little supplication that is said to have originated from an 18th century Sheik by the name of Mustafa Kamal al-din al-Bakri, who claimed that he retreated into solitude for 40 years, besieging Allah with prayers to bestow on him or grant him a special supplication.  In the end, he miraculously found salatul fatih written down for him.  Ever since, those who subscribe to the Tijjaniyya/Qadiriyya creed have assimilated this supplication into their own version of Islam, and made it a central element, as if to say, it is an addendum that, somehow Allah forgot to hand over to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) while he was alive.

    Trouble is, Islam is a religion that has always been jealously guarded.  Meaning, anything that was never part of the revelation of the Qur’an, and is not found in ahadith (sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad) is not welcome in the practice of the religion, particularly by the Originalists.  Therefore, salatul fatih, given its origin in the 18th/19th century, roughly 1200 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), is an unwelcome innovation/addition that true originalist Muslims denounce.  Of course, this is perhaps the least of the issues of contention between  Tareeqa/Tijjaniyya/Qadiriyya and Ahlus Sunnah.

    To compound matters, the Tareeqa cleric, Dahiru Bauchi was being hosted in a mosque belonging to Ahlus Sunnah, and he had the audacity to come in and recite a supplication that violates the creed (aqeeda) of Ahlus Sunnah.  To analogize with the Christian religion, this is like inviting a Mormon ‘Priest’ to a Catholic Church and listen to him recites a prayer from the Book of Mormons!  I doubt if the Cardinal(?) will not be incensed.  So, that is why, as they say,  ‘shit hit the fan’, at this wedding ceremony.

    What the Incident Revealed

    Respective followers of each sect may have resorted to a shameful display, but if you ask me, blame goes to the host, the dullard vice president.  To say that Sambo is oblivious of the possibility, or is incapable of anticipating this raucous  outcome is worse than an understatement.  You will be hard pressed to find a Muslim Northerner who is not aware of the long running feud between the Tareeqa followers and Ahlus Sunnah.  Regardless of the propriety of their disagreement, it is what it is.

    I don’t know how deeply steeped in ignorance, denseness, opacity, nescience one has to be to even entertain the idea of bringing Dahiru Bauchi and Ahmed Gumi under the same roof, to perform ceremony; no less the wedding ceremony of one’s own daughters.  Even an unborn child, still wallowing in the womb, in Muslim north, is aware of the fact that the Tareeqa and the Ahluls Sunnah sects don’t mix.  They are like oil and water.  What sort of dimwitted dodo will do such a thing except someone who typifies the current crop of northern Nigerian ‘leadership’.  I wonder why the dolt didn’t invite Shiite Zakzaki as well, and really get his hands full.

    As I was writing this article, several questions came to mind: What will possess this man (Sambo)to show this murkiness of judgment?  Is it possible that the two newly-forming families belong to each of these different sects, hence the need to try to accommodate both?  If so,  which sect does Sambo himself belong to?  If he belongs to one and not the other, why would he allow one child to end up in a creed contrary to his that is, in light of the responsibility placed on a parent by Islamic religion? Could it be that Nnamdi Sambo was trying to hedge his own belief/creed?  It was also said that one of the daughters was married off for 50,000 naira, while the other went for 250,000 naira.  I wonder what ‘sliding scale’ was used.  Anyway, I decided not to expend too much energy on these questions because, after all, these matters are best left to Allah.  Instead, I chose to see this man’s fuliginous mind as a loud and clear indictment of his defective sense of perception.  In this man I definitely smell MEDIOCRITY!

    So, inherent in this analysis/observation is the point that I had tried to make in this article, with respect to how the North should try to avoid as ‘leaders’, people with opaque minds that are pregnant with ill-judgment.   I see this whole drama not as a fight between Islamic sects, rather as a question of Sambo’s inability to perceive, even the smallest of things.  It demonstrates his lack of good judgment, pure and simple!  Add to this, the man’s glaring, under-achieving records both as Governor and Vice President.  That is why the question ought to be asked:  Sambo,”Is You Is or Is You Ain’t” a Clodpate?

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